Wabi Sabi Farm

What is a Farm Share?

It is a partnership between growers and consumers (Farm Share Members members), where the members have a desire to support a grower that produces healthy food for them using methods that the member(s) support.  Farm Share members purchase a share of the seasons' bounty before it has even been planted and in return for this trust, receive a share of what the farm produces (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.).  In this relationship, Wabi Sabi Farm Farm Share members receive USDA Certified Organic, locally grown and tasty food that hasn't traveled half way across the country (or world) to get to them.  They also get the opportunity to meet the farmer and visit the farm that has grown their FOOD!!!




"(I) appreciate the farmer-customer relationship and the welcome atmosphere this farm provides for members to visit, chip in and learn"

                                                             - Wabi Sabi Farm CSA member