Wabi Sabi Farm

About Wabi Sabi Farm

Harvesting A Bounty from Nature's Profound Beauty


Wabi Sabi is a philosophy held in the practice of Feng Shui.   This philosophy emphasizes the importance of  recognizing the beauty in the imperfect profundity of Nature.  Accepting the Natural cycles of growth and decay while respecting authenticity above all else.   This philosophy describes what it means to eat with the seasons and how we farm.  The crop rows at the farm don’t need to be straight, there may be some “weeds” scattered amongst the crops and the ugliest (or most beautiful) heirloom tomato likely tastes the best and provides the most nourishment.  Seasonal eating means to eat within the Natural Cycles of growth/decay and not to expect to be eating local Asparagus in July or Winter Squash in August.  Wabi Sabi is the kind of quiet natural beauty just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Here at Wabi Sabi Farm, we recognize that the imperfect beauty (like a ‘Sweet Chocolate’ Pepper that appears rotten when ripe) may taste the best.  We revere authenticity above all else!   Because of this respect for authenticity, our mission is to grow tasty, nutritious, Certified Organic (IDALS) fruits, vegetables, herbs and garden transplants available to all members of the community in the most environmentally, physically and economically sustainable way.

Wabi Sabi Farm's bounty is harvested mainly for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, but can also be found at our On Farm Stand, surrounding Farmers' Markets, at the Iowa Food Cooperative and as ingredients in dishes prepared at local restaurants.