Wabi Sabi Farm

Transplant Sale List 2017

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Lettuces (early planting)

Varieties yet to be determined


Alliums (early planting)       

Bunching Onion (Evergreen Hardy) minimum 6 per cell

Shallot (Prisma) minimum 2 per cell

Red Onion (Red Wing) minimum 2 per cell  

Yellow Storage Onion (Cortland) minimum 2 per cell 

Leek (Bandit) minimum 2 per cell



Cabbage (Farao)

Broccoli ( Nutribud or Green King)

Swiss Chard (Bright Lights)

Brussels Sprouts (Diablo)


Solanums (tomatoes) plant after frost-free date (May 15)

Cherry Tomato ( Matt’s Wild Cherry)

Cherry Tomato ( Black Cherry )

Cherry Tomato ( Sungold)

Hybrid Red Slicer Tomato ( Rutgers)

Hybrid Red Slicer Tomato (Jetstar)

Hybrid Red Slicer Tomato (Big Beef)

Heirloom Red Slicer Tomato (Mortgage Lifter)

Heirloom Red Paste Tomato (Amish Paste)

Heirloom Red Paste Tomato (San Marzano)

Heirloom Yellow Tomato (Nebraska Wedding)

Heirloom Yellow Tomato (Goldie)

Heirloom Yellow Tomato (Garden Peach)

Heirloom Yellow Tomato (Persimmon)

Heirloom Orange Tomato (KY Beefsteak)

Heirloom Orange Tomato (Orange Strawberry)

Hybrid Green Tomato (Green Zebra)

Heirloom Pink Tomato (Arkansas Traveler)

Heirloom Pink Tomato (German Johnson)

Heirloom Purple Tomato (Cherokee Purple) 

Heirloom Black/Purple Tomato (Paul Robeson)


Solanums  (eggplant) plant after frost-free date (May 15)

Heirloom Asian Slender Eggplant (Ping Tung Long)

Heirloom Italian Eggplant (Rosa Bianca)

Heirloom Standard Black Eggplant (Black Beauty)


Solanums (peppers) plant after frost-free date (May 15)

Hybrid Hot Pepper (Concho/Jalapeno) 

Heirloom Hot Pepper (Ancho)

Hybrid Hot Pepper (Serrano del Sol)

Heirloom Hot Pepper (Bhut Jolokia)

Hybrid Hot Pepper (Habenero)

Hybrid Sweet Lobed Red Pepper (New Ace)

Hybrid Sweet Red/Green Lobed Pepper (King of the North)

Hybrid Sweet Red Pepper (Lipstick)

Hybrid Sweet Brown Pepper (Sweet Chocolate)

Hybrid Sweet Purple Pepper (Purple Beauty)

Heirloom Sweet Yellow Pepper (Golden California Wonder)


Herbs (* herbs and flowers that can be planted early—remainder after frost-free date)

Summer Savory 

Hybrid Herb-Large Leaf Italian Basil (Aroma F2)

Heirloom Herb-Lemon Basil (Mrs. Genoveses’)

Heirloom Herb-Lime Basil

Hybrid Herb-Sacred Basil (Sacred)

Heirloom Herb-Thai Basil (Thai)

Hybrid Herb-Chervil (Brussels Winter)*

Heirloom Herb-Catnip (Catnip)*

Heirloom Herb-Stevia (Stevia) 

Heirloom Herb-Parsley (Italian Flat Leaf)*

Hybrid Thyme (German/Winter Thyme)

Chives (Staro)

Garlic Chives (Nira)

Hybrid Fennel (Perfection)

Lemon Balm



Edible Flowers

Hybrid Edible Flower (Sorbet Mix)