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Harvesting A Bounty from Nature's Profound Beauty

Two-Spined Soldier Beetle nymph showing off it's catch of a cucumber beetleBen with a weekly bountyBen frost-seeding cover crops at the farmBull Snakes "wrestling" among the cover crops.  I am very proud of the bull snake population we have at the farm as around the state they same to be decreasing in numbers.Daikon Radish seedlingGarlic drying/curing in the BarnParasitized caterpillar protecting wasp cocoons'Merlot' and 'Black Seeded Simpson' lettuce transplantsNative Squash bees "dancing" inside a squash blossomToad under a summer squash plantLandscaping Fabric being placed between tomato rows.  We use weed fabric (as opposed to black plastic) because it is reusable (not thrown away every year) and unlike plastic it is permeable to soak in the rain!Nest of Meadowlark chicksCan you spot the dragonfly?Farmer Ben standing in the garlic field after mulching is doneSerafina and Vastine checking out the bounty!Garlic FieldHarvesting asparagus May 2nd, 2013 in the snow!Weed Fabric on Sweet Potato PatchSweet Potato Harvest 2013Strawberry leaf gestation (releasing excess water)KaleAmanda, Angelique, Serafina, Vastine, Zac and Bem3rd Week of June2nd Week of July3rd Week of August1st Week of September1st Week of October4th Week of October3rd Week of September