Wabi Sabi Farm


Staff Members
Ben Saunders (Owner/Operator)

I developed a passion for local foods early in life while picking apples and strawberries (since they tasted so good!) with my folks as a child on farms surrounding Iowa City, Iowa and in the kitchen creating tasty deserts using locally grown strawberries with my grandma.  My parents and grandparents helped to establish a reverance for nature (Enviromental Ethic) in me while camping, fishing, and wandering around with me in the woods, praires and waterways of Iowa and Northern Minnesota during my "youth". 

In my ealry 20's I developed a love for educating our children, the environment, plants and gardening. Because of this love, I wanted to find a way to establish my environmental ethic with growing tasty food and educating the young and "young at heart". I traveled around the country making contacts and learning how people are growing FOOD for other members of their LOCAL community using methods I felt fit with my environmental ethic. 

After returning to Iowa and spending some time in elementary education, in 2004 I graduated from Iowa State University earning a BS in Horticulture with a fruit and vegetable production emphasis.  That summer I began working with Turtle Farm (Angela Tedesco) and learning her methods of producing food for a CSA program.  In 2010 I became the Farm Manager of Turtle Farm.  In 2012, Angela Tedesco announced her retirement from farming and that she was renting the farm to me to begin my own farming adventure, Wabi Sabi Farm.